The DesLondes Tour

When thinking of going through the nightlife then music should be something that should be part of the plan. Many music genres accommodate a diverse population. It is upon you to notice what you love and go to a joint that will fulfill the zeal. The Deslondes is a five-member band that originates from New Orleans, Los Angels. The members include Sam Doores, Dan Cutler John James Tourville, Cameroon Snyder, and Riley Downing.

This is a group that has toured the world and is still renowned for the best Americana music. It has moved to an electrifying could music which incorporates country music and blues as a combination. Each of the band members has a role which means that this is an autonomous group that has a songwriter, producer and vocal artist all within the five members.

The Deslondes Tour starts with a rehearsal in Athens GA and within five days they are good to start a tour of the world with their electrifying music piece. Revelers, understand too well that the power of entertainment lies in the music, that is the reason that there are band members that attract a wide audience and you notice that even the entry fees are high. This means that they are a brand and can afford to act as a monopoly just like in the corporate entities.

The album “hurry home” is among the hit albums. This is a song that was written in memory of the homeland, now that the tour revolves around their original home. Most of the hit songs come from this band on the following albums.

  1. Just in love
  2. Hurricane shakedown
  3. Better be lonely
  4. Muddy water
  5. Sad song

In a complete year, this is a band that can produce about two albums that all become a hit song. When you are a fan of this band then you will not hesitate to subscribe to their social media channels just to make sure you do not miss the dates of any of their presence within your locality. If you want to know the popularity of this band then look at the fan base on all the social media platforms. On Facebook alone, this is a group that has almost 10,000 followers.

This is a brand that is flexible when it comes to delivering the music piece. What we mean is that some of the areas that they go to perform may lack some of the essential music instruments. Naturally, at times it is impractical to carry all the instruments across the world.

You will never get disappointed with this band since they will use the available instruments and still manage to thrill their revelers. This is an indication that the power of their music does not lie on the instruments but their natural sweet voices. They baritone voices and the flexibility when it comes to the tunes means that they can get the tunes just as you can listen to them on the multimedia channels.