Who We Are

The DESLONDES, previously known as Tumbleweeds, is a country-soul music band based in New Orleans. The swamp-boogie band was started about two decades ago to share the love for this type of music.

We’ve grown over the years in our band size and number of followers. We have followers in the U.S. and other parts of the world. We combine the elements of early Sun, Stax and Atlantic records in our writings and performances.

Our music also has the influence of a more raw and stripped-down music tune from Mississippi Records and Alan Lomax’s field recordings.

Our music is a mix of both country music and soul. We understand that the roots of our music is in country gospel traditions that found their way into soul music. We provide tips and guides to help beginner artists to make it in this industry.

We also educate our fans to better understand our music and become part of the country-soul music family as informed lovers of this music genre. We also perform at various venues in New Orleans and the U.S. to keep your followers entertained and happy.

What We DO

Country-soul music is food for the soul.

Music has distinct benefits to listeners or fans. Country-soul music is relaxing and soothing just like blues and folk music from where it originated. The music carries powerful and useful message, atop being linked to maturity. This type of music has a large following across the world.

Listening to country-soul music curbs stress. A dose of country-soul music can lift up your spirits when you’re feeling stressed. The mellow tunes and slow nature of this music genre can easily lighten your heart to make you happy again. Its effect can also prevent you from developing stress.

The relaxing nature of country-soul music can lower your blood pressure after a long day at work. Unlike other forms of music such as Pop and Jazz, you can relax to your favorite country-soul songs to relax your mind and body.

The music also reduces pain. Playing your favorite country-soul songs has been proven to improve your body’s ability to tolerate anxiety and pain. Replace painkillers with a dose of some soothing country-soul music from your favorite albums.

Country-soul music also improves creativity and health. The music can enhance your creativity if you play it as you work or study. It increases the amount of blood flowing into your brain, in turn boosting your creativity and performance.

As more blood flows across your body into the brain, you’re bound to experience better health. This ensures that nutrients and oxygen gets to all your body organs on time, making them functional and healthy.

Therefore, this enhances your heart functions, mental capacity, and makes your skin more attractive and younger looking. Country-soul music is also entertaining and a fun way to pass time or make your guests happy.

At The DESLONDES, we’re the masters of country-soul music. Our band has been playing this music genre for years and continues to do so. Apart from entertaining our fans, we decided to share the love online.

You can play our music online and even learn to produce this type of music as a beginner artist. We provide all the information you need to become a successful country-soul artist.

Whether you want to perform solo or as a band, we’ve got your needs covered. Music enthusiasts will also find our platform useful.

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