Why is country music good for the soul?

Country music soothes the soul and relaxes the mind, making it easy to appreciate life and the good things (blessings) it throws at us.

What does soul music do?

Soul music showcases strong emotions, atop having deep and meaningful lyrics. Rooted in old gospel that was performed in U.S. churches in the southern regions, the music has evolved to what it is today. It’s also popular for its strong sense of soft beats and rhythm.

How did soul music obtain its name?

Commercialization and urbanization of blues and rhythms in the 60s gave birth to soul music. First played in 1961, “soul music” refers to gospel music with a touch of secular lyrics.

What’s the effect of country-soul music on people?

Country-soul music has lots of positive effect on people. It improves creativity and enhances blood circulation, in turn boosting brain performance due to enhanced activity in this organ. These processes boost performance and learning.

What makes music so powerful?

Music expresses emotions and feelings, making it a limitless way to barge into your soul. People may not understand your feelings or know them, but music does. With the capacity to mimic your emotions, music is a powerful force.

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