The best songs for unwinding

The Best Songs For Unwinding

It’s been another long day and you can’t seem to unwind. You’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work. It might be time for a new approach! Listen to these songs on your sound system and play them on repeat as they are guaranteed mood boosters.

1) “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” by ZAYN ft Taylor Swift: 

This song is perfect for those moments when you’re feeling sad and lonely and need someone who understands what you’re going through  

2) “To Be Human” by Christina Perri: 

This song will remind you that your problems are insignificant in the grand scheme of things; it sounds cheesy, but it really does help with perspective

3) “Suzanne” by Leonard Cohen: 

The song is slow and melancholy with soothing guitar strums in the background which makes it perfect for reading or meditation.

4) “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers: 

A perfect song for those days where you just need something upbeat and positive. This is guaranteed to make your day better if not at least help it get better.

5) “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor: 

As the anthem of every single person who’s ever been through heartache, this song will have you remembering that everything will be alright in time. It may take some time but there is light on the other side of darkness.

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